5 Cute Cats Stuff that You Got To Have For Cat Lovers

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Cat lovers are a special breed of individuals. We would like the simplest for our furry children and are known to spend hours curating our Amazon wish lists for max cat enjoyment. So from one cat lady to a different, let me prevent the work. Here are my picks for the essential, must-haves for your feline overlords. 

Here are five must-have, kitty-centric accessories for each cat lover to feature to their life:

1. Cat Climbing Tree

Your adventurous kitty will fall crazy with this maintenance-free climbing tree. It’s a great exercise for them and adds slightly of nature to your space.

2. Cat furniture that doesn’t ruin your living room’s décor.

If you hate cat furniture that seems like cat furniture, you’re not alone. That’s why PetFusion came up with the seriously stylish Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. The sleek lines won’t cause you to want to claw your own eyes out, and your critters will love scratching all around it. And when they’ve worn themselves out (and left your couch alone!), they will plop down and take a nap.

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3. Plant Hidden Litter Box

What litter box?

No one likes to speak about their cat’s private business…let alone see or smell it. That’s where the great Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box comes in. The box, which seriously looks a bit like a terra-cotta plant, features a hidden odour absorbing pad below the plant — so no more stinky litter!

4. Classy Cat Tower

This cat tower is every feline’s dream. It features a scratcher, space to climb, a toy to play with and more. Humans will enjoy the subtle espresso colour of the wood, which can blend in with any style decor.

5. Floating Food Dishes

Make feeding time a breeze and keep your space clean with these wall-mounted floating cat dishes. They’re made to order from hand-carved materials and are available during a sort of colours to match any decor.

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